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  • Clean ,kitchen hands 01/03/2017

    I'm really looking forward to do this job it just a simple way to start

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  • No experience Last updated by Gina: 06/10/2016

    I'm a fourth year business and law student and would love to travel abroad to get a bit of experience as soon as I finish my degree. Trouble is that Peru, which is where I'd love to travel has different laws, etc and I wonder what type of jobs could I reasonably expect to find in a big Peruvian city with my qualifications. Any ideas welcome.

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    • I honestly cannot answer your question, but I have a clear idea of what I'd do in your place. First of all if you don't have any spanish, I'd learn the basics in order to communicate in everyday life, and also to make myself more employable. I'd also aim at unqualified jobs as a start and move up from there. Buena suerte!

      06/10/2016 Reply to Gina
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  • My dream job Last updated by Richard Coles: 19/08/2015

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • My ideal job is Oil rig operator entry level Trainee

      19/08/2015 Reply to Richard Coles
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