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  • Seeking employment as a Safety professional Last updated by Oliver: 07/12/2016

    Hi, I thought I would take this opportunity to conduct a bit of an audit to determine the relationship between the success or failure rate of all trying to secure a Safety role.
    I have applied for 8 roles with zero success of an interview hence no job.
    I am keen to try and gauge
    1) a ball park of how many jobs/ interview it takes and
    2) how many interviews it takes to get a job?

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    • Sounds great! Though I guess it's a relatively difficult thing to do considering that there are multiple factors at play. Different CVs arise different degrees of interest depending on who receives them, different companies look for slightly different profiles and also we must not forget that in the end of the day the feeling that is generated between individuals can be so subjective that the end decision may vary just based on that. Still, it's an interesting thought!

      07/12/2016 Reply to Oliver
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