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Although Leisure, Tourism and Beauty are different sectors, all of them are focused on predominantly recreational, cultural and wellness purposes.

General overview

This sector involves all kind of services that are made to be enjoyed and also to occupy one’s leisure hours, such as amusement parks, theaters, gaming places, venues for musical groups or lectures, and sporting arenas. One might also include spas, gyms, and areas where one can conduct sports, like golfing or boating as part of the industry. Tourism industry is commonly included in the Leisure sector also, but as it is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, we have differentiated it in the next paragraph.

Tourism Industry takes several sub sectors involved with dealing with people who are travelling because of vacations, business or personal causes. Tourism jobs include travel and reservation agents, cruise, airlines, tour operators, etc. Although Hotel and Restaurant jobs are part of Tourism sector, we have classified these jobs in the Hospitality and Catering category. Here we would like to differentiate the Travel industry because it is a very hectic and demanding sector. Pilots and flight attendants are the more popular positions that people associate with this industry, but there are more functions such as:

  • Arranging client vacations
  • Selling travel packages
  • Escorting visitors and tour groups
  • Managing cruise ships

Beauty Industry is focused on cosmetic treatments with various techniques for hair, skin and body for improving physical appearance and increasing mental well-being and the relaxation of clients.

Requirements and skills

For this kind of sectors, people skills and the ability to satisfy the needs of guests are a must because of the close contact with the customer. Also there are specific requirements and skills depending on the area.

For Leisure and Tourism professionals:

  • Having lots of energy and be flexible
  • Speaking several languages
  • Being able to adapt
  • Being able to communicate in written and verbal form
  • Being diligent and loyal
  • Being able to use computers and specific software
  • Being efficient and organized
  • Being proactive and diplomatic
  • Customer service and negotiation
  • Handling stressful situations
  • Knowledge of foreign and local destinations
  • Team work

For Beauty professionals:

Although previous skills and requirements are useful also for this kind of professionals, not all of them are needed. In any case there are some skills that are very valuable such as:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Very high level of creativity and service
  • Empathy and ability to listen to customer’s needs
  • Orientation to detail
  • Sensitivity and observation skills
  • In-depth knowledge of the trends and news in the sector

Professional path

Leisure industry is made up of the following main areas:

  • Sports, performing arts and similar areas
  • Museums, historical institutions and similar sites with a strong cultural component
  • Amusement, gambling and other recreation industries

Tourism industry includes three main sub-sectors:

  • Accommodation
  • Recreation and entertainment
  • Travel services

Beauty industry embraces two main areas:

  • Hair care: this sub-sector encompasses stylists, salons, industries about styling products, etc.
  • Cosmetics, fragrances and skin care: this sub-area covers makeup professionals, tanning salons, body therapists, etc.

Job titles include but are not limited to the following:

  • Aesthetician
  • Beauty Consultant
  • Diving Trainer
  • Entertainment Manager
  • Gym instructor
  • Hairdresser
  • Personal Trainer
  • Travel Agent
  • Tour Guide
  • Tour Operator Project Manager

… And many more!

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