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  • Carpenter jobs in Sidney / Sidney area Last updated by Ethan: 28/10/2016

    Hi all! I'm looking into moving to Australia. I have 12 years’ experience in the UK as a carpenter. I did 3 years as an apprentice with a qualified carpenter then I did maintenance carpentry and on-site-carpentry for a few years and in later years I specialised as cabinet maker and joiner.
    Would anybody know the average annual salary a carpenter can get around the Sidney area? I’d be moving with my wife and daughter, and I’d like to make sure that I can make it happen for us there.

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    • With your proven experience you’ll be able to work over here. The cost of living is quite a bit more expensive in AUS compared to the UK. I reckon some +50%, but then again wages are higher too. I think you can make it, though I would not plunge without some tied up job or some relatively successful looking leads.
      I’,m sure there’s some government web that could help you with this…i’m thinking that maybe even the AUS embassy in the UK could give you a hint or two. Best of luck!

      28/10/2016 Reply to Ethan
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